sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Thank God It's Friday!!

No matter how the week goes, good or bad, I'm always wishing for the weekend, and you all know why. Anyway, it's raining a lot and looks like we will be having some bad storms this weekend. The perfect weather for staying at home and do lots of things! I am extremely motivated!

Saturday my hubby's parents are coming over for dinner, and he already told me that HE will make it (it's so good when men know and LIKE to cook...) I will probably make a dessert. Sunday is my father's birthday, so we will go over for lunch.


I've been wanting to show you some things and let you all see what I've been doing, but as you know our camera is not helping. This weekend I'll be taking photos, if not with the *stupid* camera, then it's with the cell phone.

4 comentários:

Sandra disse...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see what photos you're taking :)

Lulu disse...

have a great weekend..I love the rain...
Happy Birthday to your father..

Lara Gisela disse...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

. disse...

It's a bit late to reply to a post praising friday. I should have done it friday (!) but my computor doesn't feel well and sometimes gets stuck.
Well, waiting for friday is what makes me go to work each monday.
Ah, I must leave the work force, I had enough!