sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

I knew it wasn't a good sign... I woke up with a terrible headache yesterday! Hubby left to Spain at 3 am and I just couldn't sleep well after that.

At 8 am I had 2 kids claiming to be "starving" and wanted breakfast pronto. So I dragged myself out of bed to prepare breakfast for us, and after a miraculous pill I started to feel better and ready for the day.
We went to look for some shelves for the kid's books (these are still in the living room...), something simple and in plastic. So we headed for the cheaper stores near home (there's four in the same street!) to look for the shelves. But we had NO LUCK.
When we got home the kids wanted to watch "Snow White", so while they watched it I started to clean the house. Gave it a good much needed clean.
After lunch, while the kids were taking a nap, I organized a few things in our bedroom and then ironed every single piece of clothe that was waiting to be ironed. You know when you're doing something "in automatic" and your mind just starts to think about something, and you don't even notice that you're doing what you're doing? That's what happened to me. I was thinking that I had to talk with the kids about grandpa, and then I realized that I just had ironed everything. So when the kids woke up from their nap and after they ate I told them that I needed to talk to them about something very very important and very serious too. I told them that grandma Helena was staying at grandma Ana's house and they immediately asked me about grandpa António. I said that first he was very ill in the hospital and then he went to Heaven. And then one of them asks me: "Because he died?" I was in shock because I had no idea that they knew the "when people die they go to Heaven" thing. But, apparently, their teacher had already talked to them about that, which made my life a lot easier. I made all the recommendations to them: don't ask about grandpa to grandma Helena; she's very sad because she misses grandpa, so if she doesn't wanna play with you it's ok; etc. Their response: "Ok mommy. Can we play now?" I have to say that I felt relieved. I thought that I had to explain everything to them, and I was prepared to do it, but the fact that they already know what happens makes things easier.
Hubby got home at 3 am, so after I put the kids to bed, I started crocheting a scarf with a new yarn I bought last Sunday, until hubby got home.

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Sandra disse...

It's so tough to talk to the kids about death and family members passing away. I'm so glad the teacher had already talked about it...I hope your little ones are ok with the news.

Glad to know your headache went away.

Ah...e outra coisa, que lindo nome tens LOL E tao bonito nao e? LOL Eu adoro o meu.


Lulu disse...

thats so hard, glad the kids are ok..sometimes these little talks scare them, good that the teacher talked to them..
hope you take a picture of your scarf..

. disse...

It's important that the children know that when people die they go to Heaven - sooner or later people will get there (most of them); they must know that one they , they will meet them again.
About other things.
New yarn and crocheting:mine it's not new, I'm crocheting so slowly -I arrive so tired everyday .
Being awake because DH is not there: I know it so well, mine is always traveling.
Good post.