terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Decisions and changes

I was tired of the other background... and decided to change it. This one is better: it reminds me of Spring! And I can't wait for Spring to come!


So, me and hubby talked about the "having-dinner-at-my-parents-during-the-week" issue again, and we have made another decision. From this week forward we will only have dinner at my parent's One Night. This has a good side and a not-so-good side. The good side is: I will be able to do something at home during the week and not leave it all for the weekend; the kids will be able to play with their toys before going to bed (something that they always ask for when we get home, but are not allowed to because when we usually get home it's really late and they go to bed the minute they walk in the house). The not-so-good side is: me and hubby will eat dinner at around 10 pm. But then again, we used to do this before we had kids and it's not so bad...

Anyway, now I'll have to come up with a to-do list everyday!! I'm so excited!!! Yes, I am! I love to-do lists, and not having one everyday was really a pain for me! So, what will I be doing today?
Oh, I have so much to choose from... hubby will be cooking tonight...
  • wash one load of laundry
  • clean real good one bathroom
  • clean up kitchen after dinner
I think this will do. I better not make a huge list, I usually get overwhelmed and don't do anything.
Have a good day!

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Lara Gisela disse...

Hi Sandra,
Have you ever tried having a weekly schedule. I think it is very useful, even for women who work outside the home. Now that you have different plans for your life, you could think about.
And I love your new background. As you've seen, I've changed mine as well. It's still not a Spring-look one, but a Valentine-look. ButI'm still trying to find out how to create a different header.

Lara Gisela disse...

Olá Sandra,
Aqui vai um link (provavelmente já leste acerca disso) para te ajudar no passo que tanto gostarias de dar.

. disse...

I like to do lists too. I do it everyday and when I don't do it I feel a bit lost.
I like to see in the end what I did and I feel very happy with the amount of things I manage to do.
About the link Lara gave you: I know the site for years and like it very much.


Lulu disse...

i like to do lists also, it helps me..
have a beautiful Thursday..