terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

It's freezing here!!

Really, we're not used to such low temperatures. In Lisbon, anyway. I only stop shaking when I'm in bed, and that's NOT good. It's really cold. The weather is definetely going crazy. We've been having some weeks, I think that since Christmas, with temperatures between 5ºC and -3ºC. I'm telling you: WE'RE NOT IN THE MOUNTAINS!! THIS IS NOT NOT A NORMAL TEMPERATURE FOR LISBON!!!

Anyway, the weekend was going pretty well, I took lots of pictures from the things I did and bought. Then Sunday evening I asked hubby to put the photos in the computer and Guess What?! The darn camera didn't let us transfer the photos!! But you know, it's really our fault. We've been talking about buying a new one, and I'm sure that it has heard us and now it's punishing us. I could almost hear it say Ha!There you go, you wanted to put your photos on the blog? Well, I won't let you do it! Hubby is trying to not loose the photos, if he can take them out of that thing I'll post them. But for now, I'll just tell you what happened during the weekend.

Saturday we spent the day with my in-laws. The kids love to be there because they can play outside, I like to go there too because it usually means that we can go to the market! And so we did! We bought some new yarn to me (I'm really in the mood for crochet!lol) and we also found the shelves for the kid's books. Well, not exactly shelves, is more like baskets. I don't mind that as long as the books are out of the living room and all in one place with easy access for the kids.
I took the scarf that I was doing but after talking with my MIL I decided to undo it and made 2 pot holders instead (sorry Lulu, no scarf to show...). You see, the problem is that I don't crochet for such a long time, and a scarf can be pretty easy (and faster) to make when you crochet a lot; the other problem is that I don't have the proper hooks to make a scarf, and mine was getting a little stiff.

Sunday was "Laundry Day"! All day just washing and drying (in the dryer because it was raining!) and ironing clothes. Call me crazy if you want, but I actually like those days. It wasn't always like that, I used to hate doing it and push it aside until I could. But of course, this was worse because then I would have huge piles to take care of and just one day wasn't enough. So now to see that I can do everything in one day makes me feel great!

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. disse...

I laughed so much about the scarf that turned to be pot holders!
I like crochet too and I'm making a "manta" in a very nice burgundy yarn. The problem is, as my mother says, it will be ready only next winter!
About laundry, I like it so much too. I understand you.


Lara Gisela disse...

I never wanted to learn knitting and crochet when I was younger and my Mum wanted to teach me. But now I'm trying to learn. I started with knitting but still have a long way to go!!!
And about laundry, I like it too. I love all kind of housework but laundry is definitely one of my favourite things.