quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

I'm happy!!

Tomorrow I'll be staying home, I'm not going to work outside!! I always love to stay home! Of course I would be happier if I could NEVER work outside our home, but I can't have it that way so I'm just happy that I can miss one day!

I'm trying to make a plan for tomorrow, you know, just a simple to-do list. But I'm finding it hard to do. I just can't decide what to choose. Between cleaning, organizing, crafting, reading, etc... I don't really know... Maybe a little bit of each?! And also, the kids will be home with me SO I'm not really sure what they will allow me to do.

Oh! I can't wait to be home!! One thing will not be good though, hubby will be in Spain on business. This means that I will be extremely worried until he gets home in the evening. Well, I guess I will just work, work, play with the kids and then work some more just for the day to run faster and he'll be home with us.

Geezz... my brain is working full speed! I just have so many things that I would like to accomplish tomorrow..... I know that this is NOT a good sign. Usually when I am like this I can't do half of what I want, I just stare at things without knowing what to do first. Well, let's see how the day will go. Maybe I'll take some pictures of what I ACTUALLY can accomplish.

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Lara Gisela disse...

I like to know that you're feeling happy and I hope you're having a very pleasant day, even if you don't do everything you're planning to do.

. disse...

I know so well that feeling. Staying at home and be free to do everything we want and like...
I'm dreaming about some governement law that will allow me to be free one day ( mobilidade especial também nas autarquias, já ouviu falar?). I keep dreaming and trusting the Good Lord.