segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2009

I feel great!

You know the feeling, right? When everything goes the way you planned, and you have that sense of accomplishment that makes you happy. This was my weekend!

But first, let me vent a

So, it's friday and it's Valentines Day at the kids school. They each paint one heart and then give it to a friend. One of my twins was all happy because he got a heart from the girl he gave his heart to.

The other twin was sad, because he gave his heart to a girl but didn't receive any. Now I ask you: don't you think that the teachers should have a few hearts ready for situations like that? I mean they're 4 years old. Aren't they a little too young to feel this kind of rejection?! Anyway, my nephew made one heart and gave it to him. Because Valentines Day is also about friends and family and the love that surrounds us. He was happy with it!

Saturday, after breakfast we went to buy the new camera. It's a Nikkon, it's huge, and now I have to learn how to work with it!lol When we passed by the books I told hubby that I was just going to see what books they had. And then I came out with these in my hands:

I'm crazy, I know! Hubby thinks so too! But he loves me you know, so he just laughed when I told him that I was ready to leave the store with 6 books by Nicholas Sparks, but then decided that 3 were enough because I wanted to read other authors too. ;)

After lunch, I started to clean the kitchen. You know, wash the walls, the machines and the cabinets. I cleaned half of the kitchen in that afternoon and the other half on Sunday afternoon, and I was amazed. You see, I was getting to a point in my life where just the thought of doing these things overwhelmed me and I've always procrastinate doing them. But this weekend I realized that they're not that hard to do and don't even take too long to do either. Although there are still things that are not cleaned, the kitchen is shinning, and this makes me very happy!!

Saturday, after cleaning half of the kitchen, I went to the living room and there were my 3 boys. Hubby and Diogo were doing some drawings with paper,

and Rodrigo was playing the new game (Nemo) on the playstation.

So I went to the kitchen again, and baked the cake

This is really a good and easy to bake cake, and we ate it after dinner.

Sunday, after cleaning the other half of the kitchen, I ironed what was to be ironed, made some more crochet and ate more cake!lol

This was a wonderful weekend!

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Sandra disse...

Yeah that's not right, the teachers should be careful with things like that, the kids don't understand. Poor baby :(

. disse...

It was a nice weekend, I can see and I understand you very well, we feel we are such good homemakers in those times we do a lot of things.
About the hearts, I think it was wrong since the begining. Sometimes we find teachers that are not very clever.