sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2009

I miss my hometown!

Hubby just called. Someone wants to see our house to buy it. Oh, I want so much to sell it! You see, if we can sell our house we will buy another one in my hometown: Cascais! So, I'm praying that the lady that is going to see the house later today can actually buy it! We are trying to sell the house for over a year now, but is just plain difficult. Darn crisis that is making everything difficult... Anyway, the real estate guy said that they would be there around 6.30pm to show the house, hubby will be there around 5.30pm to prepare the house to be shown, and make a few things like MAKING THE BEDS(!!) which we don't have time to do in the morning, and open the windows and blinds and stuff... I really hope the lady buys the house. It would really help us...

Soooo, tomorrow is Valentines Day. Not that it's an important thing or anything, BUT it's a Saturday, and everyone knows how I looovvve the weekends!!lol Tomorrow we are going to buy a new camera (YAY!!) and then we will be having lunch somewhere.
But this weekend I'm planning a few more things like: Cleaning up the kitchen real good; bake this cake - it's really good; do the general cleaning around the house; take care of the laundry; make some more crochet; and have some fun! Maybe I'll take some pics WITH THE NEW CAMERA!!!lol

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. disse...

Good luck on the house. If you buy a house in Cascais we will be quite near.
About your plans for tomorow: I hope you find a good and nice camera - and good lunch.
About the cleaning: looks like you saw my to do list.


Sandra disse...

Love Cascais. We actually used to live in Sao Joao do Estoril and went to Cascais ALL the time. Love it :)