quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2009

Crochet and knitting projects

Hello, everyone! Last week I was reading my blog (I do that from time to time. Everyone does it right? RIGHT?) and I realised that I didn't show you the finished doilie. I took a picture of it with the intention of making a post with it, but then I got sick and forgot about it. So today I have decided that it was time to FINALLY show you the doilie.

Like I said, it's not perfect, but good enough for me. Since the beginning of Spring, the doilie is on our dining table with the Spring fairies and the fake flower.

The doilie is too small for the table, but for now it works. It has to work because I'm not going to do another one in the near future. Meanwhile, my sweet MIL taught me how to knit, and so I started a scarf.

See? There's me sitting on the couch knitting the scarf. I thought that knitting was not so difficult after all, so I made two scarves. The other one I gave it to my niece.

But now I have another love.

It's addicting and, because it will be HUGE in size, I only hope to not get bored with it (like the "Last Supper", remember?)

There you go. Meet the beggining of my ripple blanket.

Like I said, it will be huge in size. But I think it will be "oh so beautiful" on our bed and I can't wait to have it done.

4 comentários:

Sandra disse...

Oh you sound just like me LOL

I LOVE ripple and I have yet to finish the one I'm working on, you just reminded me to pick it up again :)

Lara Gisela disse...

Uau!! Tanta coisa linda. Eu comecei entusiasmada mas agora parei. Tenho de retomar. Já estou a sentir falta do tricot e do crochet, só que sou uma nabiça!!!

Lulu disse...

I love your doily, its so beautiful..
I love your ripple..I cant do ripples, it never comes out...
Keep doing it, its just beautiful..
that pic of you knitting reminds me of when my mom used to knit, long ago...Its the portuguese way, thats for sure..

Attic24 disse...

Oh I LOVE your ripple, and you are right its the best thing to put on a bed cos you get to go to sleep and wake up with all that ripply goodness!
Have fun with it!
Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxx