segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2008

Monday already!

This weekend went by so fast! But we actually did everything that was planned. Well, almost... I didn't iron everything and the toys are not yet in the playroom. BUT the kids are really excited because they're gonna have a whole room to play, so that's good.
Tonight we're going straight home, so I can do something more at home.

For today:

- Daily routine for the twins (bath, pj's and play)
- Unload dishwasher
- Dinner
- Clean kitchen
- Prepare toys and bags for tomorrow
- Laundry
- Iron

Well, at least I will try... Last night me and hubby went to bed sooo late that this morning we had a hard time to get up.

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. disse...

A lot of work. Yes, I know how it is.